Cleopatra and the Invasion of the Romans

                                     by Julieta 


   Cleopatra got out her papyrus paper and looked out the window. She saw scribes teaching few of the selected children to write. She saw her soldiers ready to protect her and her people. Cleopatra was a beautiful Pharaoh who loved painting. She was with her friend Rania when she decided to paint a self portrait. 

   “That’s as pretty as a blooming flower,” exclaimed Rania when she saw the painting. 

   “Thank you Rania. Yours very nice too,” Cleoptra said with pride. 

   Rania was ruler from an allied country. She was painting a pyramid on the sunset. Cleopatra was happy and enjoying her time with her friend when she had a sinking feeling that something bad was going to happen. Cleopatra and Rania were interrupted by a loud knock on the door. 

   “Pharaoh Cleopatra, we have been warned that the Romans are planning to attack by the Nile. What would you like us to do,” a soldier said. 

   “ Oh my goodness gracious! Go to the Nile and protect civilization there. Tell the others to be ready by the desert,” Cleopatra ordered. 

   “Yes, Pharaoh Cleopatra. Right away!”

   The soldier ran out of there faster than a cheetah and gathered everyone else. Cleopatra looked out the window to see the Romans terrorizing people. They had arrived and were already fighting with her guards. She saw a man named Mark Antony hiding children behind a wall. Cleopatra motioned them to come through the back door. 

   After they entered, the children were crying louder than a lion’s roar. Cleopatra tried to calm them down and then told the children to hide.  All was good until… BAM

Figurative language used: 

Simile- “That’s as pretty as a blooming flower.”

Idiom- “sinking feeling”

Alliteration- goodness gracias 

Onomatopoeia- BAM